March 4, 2018

South Beach by Day

We enjoyed our time at South Beach so much that we went back for lunch the next day.

March 3, 2018

South Beach at Night

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Miami for work.  While there, we headed over to South Beach one evening to find dinner and to do some shooting.  Dinner was good, but the photo opportunities were excellent!  The Art-Deco architecture combined with the neon lights made for some interesting images.  Enjoy!

March 2, 2018

The Luxor

I was in Las Vegas this week for work.  One of the evenings, a couple of us got the opportunity to shoot the Vegas strip from the roof-top club of our hotel.  This is the first I have seen this view, and I'd have to say that it's probably one of the best views of the strip with the Luxor front and center.

While I was at it, I grabbed a few detail images of the Luxor.