March 22, 2017

Saguaro National Park

While in Tucson, I had the opportunity to spend a short bit of time in Saguaro National Park.  It's always good to check off another park, and this one was pretty unique. 

March 20, 2017

Old Tucson

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Tucson for work.  The group we were training spent one of the days shooting at Old Tucson, a western movie set theme park.  I was able to join them for part of the day.  I could have spent a few days shooting as there was a ton of great subjects.

March 16, 2017

Looking Down

This is the third and final round of images from the other day with Ken and his balloon.  I spend a good amount of time in airplanes, looking down on the world as it flies by.  It was an entirely different experience to look down from a whole lot closer to the ground.  In the quiet environment of the balloon, you get to enjoy a lot of the sounds as well as the sites.