June 30, 2018

Warriors Over The Wasatch - Round 2

Here's round 2 of images from last week's air show. This time, all things jet powered.  Enjoy!

June 29, 2018

Warriors Over The Wasatch - Round 1

Last week was our bi-annual air show held at Hill Air Force Base in northern Utah.  I met up with a few friends to spend the day in the sun and crowds, capturing a few images of some amazing planes and incredibly talented pilots.  I came home with hundreds of images, but managed to narrow it down to a collection of my favorites.  Because of the number of images, I am splitting them up into two posts.  For the sake of a way to divide them, I split them up between jet powered and non-jet powered.  Here's round one, the non-jet powered.  Enjoy.


This next plane could have been posted in either category as it is both prop and jet powered.