March 2, 2010

Di Fara's Pizza

While visiting my brother in New York, we decided to hit a pizza place that he had been wanting to try.  Di Fara's is just off of the Avenue J stop on the Q train in Brooklyn.  Dom DeMarco has been making the pizzas there since 1964.  He is the only person that makes the pizza.  If he needs a day off, they don't open.  

 It is a pretty low-key place.  If you didn't know any better, you'd probably just walk right on by.

Here's Dom at work.  In the time we were there, he never moved from this corner.  The guy on the left (I assume it is Dom's son) is shredding the Parmesan cheese that gets tossed on the pizza after it is pulled out of the oven.  The pizza is finished with a generous portion of fresh cut Basil.  Apparently, he only uses the one oven, despite the fact that he has six available. 

There isn't much seating room, a couple of folding tables and 8-10 chairs.  We ended up standing.  At one point, there were probably 20-30 people crammed into the space.

While we were there, magician David Blaine showed up for some pizza.  He was kind enough to do a couple of his signature card tricks for the group.  Pretty crazy stuff.

You can read more about the place here.  This was hands down, the best pizza I've ever eaten and is worth the trip if you are in New York.

I had already packed my camera, and with the tight space, I didn't want to dig it out, so these images were all shot with my cell phone.

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  1. oh man i am going to get me another slice this weekend.


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