March 10, 2012

Time Lapse - Stars

This morning, I went back and found a series of images that I used for a stacked star trail image.  I took these last year while camping over labor day weekend.  I figured that they should work for a time lapse video.  Well, they worked, but they aren't ideal.  There are a couple of reasons that they aren't ideal.  First, the frames are pretty dark.  For a stacked star trail image, this is fine.  The compiled bits of stars build on each other and you end up with nice trails.  The second reason that they aren't ideal because there are a number of frames that had some pretty bright foreground lighting that was caused by people walking past with flashlights.  When stacked, these frames illuminated the foreground and added some interest to the final image.  In the time lapse, they are very distracting.  Had the foreground light been there for each of the frames, it would have worked much better.  I removed a few of the worst frames, but there are still several that are too bright.  There were only about 200 frames total, so this is a pretty short video.  I think with the right settings, I can shoot a series of images that will work for both a time lapse and a stacked image.  I can't wait to get out and try some more of these.

For best viewing, click HERE.

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