August 25, 2013

Missed Opportunity?

Over the last little bit, we've had some pretty good lighting activity in the area.  I managed to miss out on all of the recent storms.  So, yesterday evening, another good storm started to build and work it's way along the lake.  I kept a close eye on my weather app, to see where it was headed.  As it came north, it got closer and closer to the mountains.  I grabbed my gear and headed out, but I had a decision to make on where to head.  I could see some strikes over Ogden, but I decided to take a chance and headed up the canyon towards Ogden Valley.  My thought was that I might be able to get some great shots of lightning over Pineview as the storm came over the mountains.  As I came down over Trapper's Loop, I saw a couple of strikes on the far, north horizon.  Whatever storm had made it over the mountains, was quickly headed north, over the Avon Pass towards Logan.  I quickly worked my way around the lake and found this vantage point off the road to Wolf Mountain.  My hope was to catch a couple of strikes before the storm was completely gone.  It didn't happen.  There were a couple of flashes in the clouds, but no strikes.  So, once again, I came away from this storm with no lightning images, however, I'd say this one is a keeper.

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