March 12, 2014

Valley Of Fire Sunrise

I captured this the other morning in Valley Of Fire State Park.  This is a 9 image panorama, merged in Photoshop CC.
I dare you to click on the images to view them a little larger.

So, color or black and white?


  1. Black and white all the way! Your conversion brought a rather dull sky to life and the overall texture jumps off the screen to entice ones senses! Fantastic pano work! I still have the pano you sent me in our living room and it gets a lot of interest when we have company over. :)

  2. I prefer the color :) I feel the b&w draws too much focus to the now busy sky, which is too distracting for me. But I do like the detail in the rocks from the higher contrast in the b&w... Hmm.

  3. I think the drama in the sky is best displayed in black and white.


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