July 8, 2014

Star Trails

For those of you that regularly check my blog (all three of you), you know that I have become a big fan of the capabilities of the Canon PowerShot S120.  For a compact point and shoot camera, it does an amazing job.  The other night, while shooting the stars for time lapse, I pulled out the S120 and used the Star Trails mode to capture the stars.  I set the camera to run for 90 minutes and walked away.  This is what I came back to:
Canon PowerShot S120
30 Sec - f/1.8 - ISO 400 - 5.2 mm

While I was at it, I set up the PowerShot G1 X Mk II to do the same thing.  This was the first time I shot stars with this camera so I was anxious to see how it performed.  I set it to run for two hours and let it do the work.  As expected, It did an amazing job:
Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II
30 Sec - f/2 - ISO 320 - 12.5 mm

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