January 1, 2017

Best of 2016

Well, here it is the first day of 2017.  I guess I would make sense to keep up the tradition of a post of some of my favorite images of 2016.  I decided to pull a favorite from each month, thinking that it would make it easier to pick my favorites.  I was wrong.  It's pretty tough to narrow it down to a dozen favorites.  There's easily 2 or three times this that could have been here.
As always, for the best results, click on the images to see them full sized.

Seems fitting to start out the year with a bit of high speed.

Every once in a while, I get the itch to shoot some water drops.  I love how this one turned out.

While in Vegas for work, a few of us took a really quick trip out to Death Valley to grab some shots of the wildflowers.  Turns out this was my favorite image from the excursion.

My daughter, Samantha, acquired a new violin back in April.  When I say new, I really mean around 100 years old, well played, well worn, and absolutely beautiful.  This violin has a lot of character and it was fun capturing it.  

This is in the Texas State Capitol building in Austin, TX.  I love the subtle differences in the geometry and symmetry. 

Every other year, we get an air show here in Utah.  This was the year for the show.  While it is always fun to see the Thunderbirds and others perform, the new kid on the block stole the show for me.

July is always good for some macro time.

In August, we had the opportunity to spend a little time in Alaska for my brother's wedding.  I have a collection of dozens of favorite images from the trip and from the wedding that I count among my favorites.  This is one of them.

While my friend, Dale, was visiting in September, we took a trip out to the Sun Tunnels for some stars and some light painting.  This was by far my favorite from the night.

Back in October, I tagged along with a couple of friends on a trip out tot he west desert to spend a little time with the wild horses.  It was a day well spent.

November is an anomaly for me.  I went out shooting once.  Yup, once.  Weird.  And, on top of that, I didn't come home with many images.  This sunrise image from Antelope Island isn't the most exciting, but it fills the November slot nicely.

Seems fitting to finish out the year with a little more high speed.  This is a composite of three separate images.

Well, that's it, a collection of some of my favorites from the year.  I hope you have my work in 2016.  

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