February 11, 2017

Under Water

Today I spent a bit of time wandering the neighborhood, checking out the flooding that is going on.
With all of the snow we received last month, and the rain we have received this month, there is water everywhere.

I'd suggest clicking on the images so you can see some of the details.

This is just east of the bridge over the Bear River on UT120, looking northeast.  This should be a field, not a lake.
Notice the tops of the poles of the fence line running along the power line. 

This is the Bear River, looking south after it crosses under UT120.   

A spot along 4400 West that was washed out from water running over the road.  Note the flooded fields on the left side of the image. 

This is a multi-image panorama, looking east from 4400 West.  You can see Peterson Park on the right side. 

A closer look at one of the pavilions in Peterson Park.

One of the pavilions in Elwood Park.

Elwood Park is down there in the water somewhere.

Looking west from the road above the Old Barn Theater. 

The power plant and bridge at the base of Cutler Dam.

Water coming over the spillway on Cutler Dam. 

Looking East towards the Honeyville Grain facility from 6900 North in Honeyville.

Ice buildup at the bridge over the Bear River on 6900 North.

More ice buildup. 

Another view of the wash out on 4400 West. 

What should be a field along UT102.

 Somewhere under that water is the boat ramp into the river.

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