July 10, 2011

Painting With Light

Last night, Rusty Session, Doug Sims, and Dave Porter headed out to the Spiral Jetty to do a little light painting. We got to the jetty to find that it was actually underwater.  No worries, the second half of our plan involved the old pier and oil rigs that are just south of the jetty.  They also had a lot more water than we had anticipated, but we made the best of things.

Images were created using the Canon 1Ds Mk III and the Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L IS lens.


  1. Beautiful Photos

  2. That looks as if it must have been so much fun. Were the last two images done with fireworks? Great location for your play - and I love the way you have painted the posts with coloured light in a couple of shots. AJ

  3. Thanks, AJ! The last eight images all have fireworks in them in some form.


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