October 5, 2011

Backlit Botanicals

While photographing the atrium at The Bellagio in Las Vegas, I fiddled around a bit with my flash and the off camera cable.
It turns out that a flash makes a great source of light for back lighting flowers.  Who would have thought?

Images were created using the Canon 5D Mk II and the Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens.


  1. These are really cool! I love backlight on plants. I think the third one is my favorite.

  2. WOW Jeff... these are exceptional. Color just pops, and shape becomes the star of the shoot. Gorgeous work... I need to see more!

  3. These are ALL just wonderful! Thanks for sharing them (I mean, showing them on this blog... not sharing as in "RIGHT CLICK, SAVE AS etc...) Love your work.

  4. Holy smokes, hos did I miss all of these comments?

    Thank you everyone, I appreciate you taking the time to comment. This was a fun experiment that happened to turn out well (not all of them do).


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