October 13, 2011

Guest Photographer - Peter

A few weeks ago my son, Peter, joined a group of us on a photo shoot out at the Great Salt Lake.  Let me tell you, he's pretty good at livening up most any situation.  I set him up with my Rebel xsi and the 24-105 lens and let him loose.  It was pretty dang fun to watch him wander around and shoot the things that interested him.  We finally got around to looking at his images tonight.  As expected, there were plenty of out of focus shots of grasshoppers, rocks, and sticks.  But, there were also some pretty decent shots.  We had a good time looking through the images and picking out a handful of his favorites.  He ran the mouse while I walked him through some basic adjustments in Lightroom 3.  We also printed some 13x19 prints that will go on his wall.  By the way, Pete is 7.  Fun stuff.

These images were captured by and belong to Peter.
He used the Canon Rebel Xsi and the Canon 24-105mm f/4.0L IS lens to create them.

He wanted the tower to be right side up in this reflection shot, so he held the camera upside down.  Good thinking.

He used a tripod and the remote trigger for this self-portrait.

Another self-portrait using the remote trigger and the tripod.


  1. It's great to see a 7 year old come up with so many well done shots. You must be so proud!

  2. Wow some nice shots here. I think its great that you have given Peter this opportunity to be creative. Too often we underestimate kids. I have a 6 year old son and I now cant wait to see what he comes up with a camera in hand.

  3. Some really nice pics by Peter! Are they his compositions or are they crops? Just curious...

  4. Thanks, everyone! I'm pretty proud of him and his work. He's even won a few ribbons at the county and state fairs.

    Bert - I'd have to go back and look to be sure, but if I remember correctly, I helped guide him a bit on the crops, though they didn't need too much work.


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