November 16, 2011

Quick Trip To The Uintas

Way back in July, while my family was out of town, I took a quick trip up to the Uinta mountains for a little fishing and photography.  It was a really good trip, I took my time and just wandered.  When I was tired, I found a flat spot, rolled out my sleeping bag in the back of the car, and slept.  The next morning, I got up and wandered some more.  As you can see, summer hadn't quite found it's way.  Even though it was July, there was still plenty of snow and ice around.  Some of the smaller lakes were still completely iced over.  I even saw people cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.  Pretty crazy.  The fishing wasn't so hot, but the moody weather made for some great photo opportunities.

Images were created using a couple of different Canon cameras and a few Canon lenses.

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