December 30, 2011

Locomotive Springs

While out wandering with Peter yesterday, we decided to try and find Locomotive Springs.
Well, we found it.  Sorta.  We found the Locomotive Springs Wildlife Refuge, but not the
actual springs.  It's actually not too hard to find, you just go to the middle of nowhere,
and then head further West.  You can't miss it.  While we did find the area, the day was
getting late so we didn't take too much time to wander around.  From the looks of things,
it will be worth heading back out there in the spring sometime.  We did spend a bit of
time poking around an old house and an old boxcar that we found.
Looking at these images now, the area reminds me of Southern Alberta, only flatter.

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  1. I love those quiet out of the way places... like abandoned houses in the mountains etc...


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