December 29, 2011

Shooting Buddy

I had the opportunity to spend the day shooting today.  Even better, I spent it with one of
my favorite photographers.  We started the day at the Golden Spike historical site at
Promontory, UT.  We enjoyed watching and shooting the 119.  After we'd had our fill of
the train, we headed out to see how things looked at the Spiral Jetty.  Well, the water
levels are such that there wasn't a whole lot of the Jetty to see so we then spent some
time wandering around the old oil derricks.  After the derricks, we headed out in search
of Locomotive Springs.  We spent a bit of time wandering and then headed home.  It
was a pretty fantastic day and I'll post my images over the next few days.  Here's a few
of my buddy at work.  How could you not love this kid?

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