December 9, 2012

A Few From Chicago

I have had several opportunities to make photographs in Chicago.  I'm not sure what it is, but it has become one of my favorite places to shoot.  I love the variety of architecture, a good mix of old and new.  This contrast between the old and the new can really add to the impact of the final image.  In addition, there is an endless number of patterns and shapes to work with.  Good stuff.
On this visit, my main intent was to shoot some material for a time lapse project I have been working on.  Of course, I managed to make a few frames while wandering.


  1. Hello, I am from Pakistan,a photogrphy enthusiast. I just saw some of your work and I find it very interesting.I have just subscribed to your online photo views.
    Wouled it not be a nice idea to provide some tips and a little technical history with each photgraph.

  2. Hello, welcome to my blog! I'm glad you are enjoying my work. One of my goals with my blog this year is to try to add some tips, tricks, and how-to's with my images.


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