January 6, 2014

The 119, a comparison

Every year, between Christmas and New Years, the Golden Spike Historical Site hosts "Steam Fest". The bring out the trains (they are usually hibernating during the winter), give tours, and run them frequently throughout the day. For the past few years, my son and I have headed out to check them out and wander the area. I've got a good collection of images from the visit, I'm only about half way through them. I'll post them as I get them done. First post is a couple of similar images of the 119, shot head on. While the images are very similar, there are some diferences and I thought it was an interesting comparison. By the way, the big difference between the two images is the lens that was used to shoot them. 

1/200 Sec - f/10 - ISO 160 - 24 mm

1/640 Sec - f/11 - ISO 640 - 14 mm

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