August 23, 2016

Curtis And Sarah

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to head to Alaska to spend a week celebrating my brother's wedding.  It was an amazing week, spent with friends and family.  I was tasked with documenting the week.  My wife was kind enough to second shoot for me, so some of these images should have her name on them.  Though there are several hundred images from the week, here's a collection of some of my favorites (in no particular order).

 I'll start with the group photo.  This was a great group, we had a lot of fun all week long.

Possibly one of my favorites from the wedding.

Sarah and her Dad.

Not sure what was happening here.

Yup, that's my brother.

Yup, that's my brother's wife.

My mom and one of my sisters.

Some kind of advice being given here.  Something to do with flossing.

Everyone needs an Auntie Eileen.  This one's taken, though, so you'll need to get your own.

Might just look like a couple of random bikes, but these are a pretty big part of Curtis and Sarah's life.

My mom and my brother.

I can feel Uncle Lloyd's pain.

Kelley did an amazing job cleaning the outhouses.

Not sure if this is worth explaining.

Sarah's dad gathering flowers.

This images says a lot about the week.  These guys had known each other for about a day at this point, but they were laughing and carrying on like they had known each other for years.

Yup, that's my sister-in-law.

Again, probably not worth explaining.

Kyle takes his darts seriously.

It's always a good time when Uncle Lloyd sings. 

My brother and his (now) wife, Sarah.

This wall of images is a collection of from the week in Sand Point.  I shot, processed, and printed a little over 200 images for display at the wedding.  I may be biased, but it was pretty fantastic.

Mom and Dad.

It's not very often that I'm on the other side of the camera.  I guess the opportunity for a pic with my dad and brother is worth it.


This made me chuckle.

This image sums up these two pretty well. 

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