September 17, 2012

National Cathedral - Inside

While visiting Washington DC, I had a couple of opportunities to visit the National Cathedral.  You may remember that I posted some images of the outside of the building a few weeks ago.  Well, it's time for some images from the inside.  One of the amazing things about the inside of the Cathedral is the light that filters through the stained-glass windows.  The colors created were amazing.  Using exposures of 2-4 seconds, really brought out the color of the light.  In addition, I used the in-camera HDR feature of the Canon 5D MK III to bring out shadow details.  These images were processed in Lightroom 4, adding a little contrast, and reducing the saturation of each image.  


  1. Stunning! Absolutely beautiful! I have rarely, if ever, seen better.

    If you'd like any captioning assistance, just let me know.

    Andy Bittner - Cathedral Docent

  2. Thanks you, Andy! Coming from you, that really means a lot.


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