September 4, 2012

The National Cathedral - From the Outside

While visiting Washington DC last month, I had two opportunities to visit the National Cathedral.  Both visits included tours of the Cathedral.  The first tour was by photo-friend Chris Budny, the second one had been arranged by Chris, it was with Andy Bitner.  Both of these guys have been giving tours at the Cathedral for years.  There knowledge of and passion for the cathedral is pretty fantastic.  If you ever get the chance to visit, it is worth your time.  If you get the chance to go back a couple of times, it is worth your time.

Between the two visits, I got a pretty good stack of images so I decided to split them into two blog posts.  This first post is images from the outside of the Cathedral.

The scaffolding is in place due to the damage from last year's earthquake.

If you look closely at this spire, you can see some of the earthquake damage.


  1. Nice work, Jeff! I love the details on the wood doors and trim---I never "noticed" that view before; that's why I love seeing the cathedral through the eyes (and lens) of visitors... even after 17 years giving tours there, there is ALWAYS something new to learn, or a new way to view the incredible architecture and details. (Great shot of Vader, too!)

  2. Thanks, Chris! I think that I could spend a month there and still not have enough time to capture all of the details.


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