March 3, 2013


For a while, I've been wanting to shoot some more water drops.  Well, a couple of weeks ago I finally got around to it.  I like what I ended up with, but I'd still like to refine things so that I am getting collisions.  

And, just because I know that someone will ask for it, here's a shot of my setup.
Some white seamless as a backdrop.  Three flashes were used.  One, gelled red, pointed at the backdrop.  The other two gelled blue, lighting up the drops.  The black card was an attempt to limit some of the light spill from the red flash.  It helped, but wasn't enough.  The drops were coming from a new gadget, a reservoir of water with an electronically controlled valve.  The flashes were fired using my Radio Poppers and I used a cable release to run the camera.  Some red food coloring in the glass to add more color.  Oh, and I borrowed some bubbles from the kids to add the bubble on top of the glass.

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