March 17, 2013

When All Else Fails, Paint

The other night, I took my two oldest kids and we headed out west in an attempt to get a shot or two of the comet, Pan STARRS while there was still an opportunity.  Well, it turns out that the weather had other plans and heavy clouds settled in.  We figured that we should hang out to see how the sunset turned out.  It didn't. The clouds were pretty heavy, so the light fizzled pretty quickly.  What did that leave for us to do?  We painted.

This first image is my favorite form the session.  This was pretty early in the evening, so there was still some good ambient light.  I love the surreal feeling created by the combination of the late evening light and the painted light.  When a photographer friend Peter, who grew up in England, saw this, this was his response: "This image gives me a certain reminder of the south coast beaches in England throughout the 1940's when we were expecting Hitler to invade. They all had various forms of ant-tank and invasion barge defenses plus coils of barbed wire rather like this."  I think he may me on to something.

These next three images are the same image, processed in different ways.  

The kids asked me to write their names for them.

I only had a couple of chunks of steel wool with me, so only a couple of fire images on this trip.


  1. These are awesome. I bet you all had hours of fun.

  2. Yeah, it's pretty easy to kill several hours doing this.


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