July 9, 2013

All in a Row

I created this panoramic image the other day at the Sun Tunnels near Lucin, UT.  If you remember these tunnels from previous posts, they are placed in two sets of two, in an "X" pattern, lined up for the summer and winter solstice.  I created this image by standing directly in the center of the tunnels (it's marked), and then rotated around a full 360°, capturing a total of 24 images.  After combining the images in CS5, I actually ended up wit a good deal more than I needed for the 360° I was looking for.  In fact, I ended up with 5 tunnels in the image.  So, after some adjustments and a crop, this is a complete, 360° view from the center of the tunnels.  You're going to want to click on this image for a larger view.

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