July 7, 2013

Sunrise and Stars

My good friend, Dave is picking up his family and heading to New York to start a new adventure and a fantastic opportunity.  We decided that a final light painting expedition was in order, so yesterday afternoon, we headed out to the middle of nowhere, just past Lucin, UT to the Sun Tunnels.  We've been out here before, you've seen these tunnels in my images in previous posts.  This has become a favorite spot to paint, shoot some stars, and hang out with friends.  We had an amazing time, and came home with some great images.  You'll see them in the next few days.  As we wrapped up out painting, we set up our cameras to catch some stars.  There was no moon, and the few clouds we had seen had cleared, so we had great conditions for stars.  These shots came as sunrise was starting show.  I love the combination of the early morning light and the fading stars.  Good stuff.

This first image is from a set that was captured with a fisheye lens at 15mm on a full-frame camera.  I purposely placed the horizon low in the frame, causing the landscape to warp.  

This second image was captured using a 10-22mm lens on the cropped-sensor 7D.

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