September 18, 2011

Old Shoes - New Shoes

My photo club assignment this month was to create a diptych image.  What's a diptych image you ask?  Well, to put it simply, it's two separate images, displayed as one image, that work together to tell a complete story.  For my first image, I used my son's recently retired shoes.  As you can see, these suckers have a lot of miles on them.  To complete the diptych, I took a second image, this time of his replacement shoes.  With any luck, we'll get as many miles out of the new ones as we got from the old ones.

These were shot using a do-it-yourself light table, created using: a table, the ironing board, a couple of boards, and a white acrylic diffuser from the florescent lights in my basement.  Light for the table was provided by one of my speedlights.  I also used two additional speedlights, shot through umbrellas, to provide a main and a fill light up top.  The speedlights were fired using my Radiopoppers.  Here's what the whole thing looked like:

Once the images had been created, I opened them in Lightroom and performed minor Recovery, Fill Light, and Contrast adjustments.  I then moved them into CS5 where I did a bit of a levels adjustment, then cropped and placed them onto a new image with a black background.  There you have it.

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