September 6, 2011

Stars, Star Trails, and Taillights

One of the best parts about spending time out in the mountains is the stars.  Getting away from the city lights really allows you to see a lot of stars.  These three shots were all taken at Trial Lake in the Uinta mountains.  The first shot was taken from our campsite.  The red lines are taillights from passing cars.  The second shot was taken right at the shore of the lake.  Both of these images were around 60 minute exposures.The ambient light from the moon illuminated the foreground nicely.  The last shot is a test shot that I took in preparation for a series of about 200 individual shots that will be stacked to create a single star trail image.  As you can see, there were close to a bazillion stars out.

Images were created using the Canon 1 D Mk IV and the Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L lens.

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