January 18, 2013

First Light Painting of 2013

While in Las Vegas for work earlier this month, I found a couple of opportunities to head out to Valley Of Fire for a little shooting.  Since the moon was just about non-existent, my primary intent was to shoot stars for time lapse.  On the second trip out, I took a colleague with who was in town from Tokyo.  We got out to the Valley of Fire and the sky was covered with some pretty good clouds.  Along the western horizon, the lights from Las Vegas were lighting up the moving clouds pretty well, so we spent some time shooting some time lapse of the cloud movement.  Once we had wrapped that up, it was time for a little painting.  


  1. This is really cool. What light sources are you using?

  2. Thanks, Jake!

    Two different light sources here. The sparks are created using steel wool. The others are created with an LED light source on a string. Really, pretty simple.


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