January 8, 2013

Temple Square

If you aren't from Utah, you probably don't know that Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City gets decked out for Christmas.  Because they go all out, it's pretty fantastic.  At the beginning of the holiday season, I had planned on getting there a couple of time to shoot some time lapse.  Well, as it normally works out, I got busy and only managed to make it there once.  I grabbed my favorite shooting buddy after work one evening and we headed down.  It was a lot of fun and, as you'll see in the video, it was really crowded.  My gear drew a lot of attention that night, so I spent a good amount of time explaining what I was doing and how it all worked.  It was a fun night and the results we brought home are pretty fantastic!

As always, for best results, view the video in HD here.

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  1. Wow that was beautiful. I'm told there is one street in a city call Hamilton in New Zealand where the Mormon temple is lit up at Christmas and each house on the street beside it has thousands of Christmas lights on them too. Maybe once I retire and am living in my Motorhome I can go visit. At present I'm managing my family's motorcamp and motels and my busiest time is summer over Christmas and New year so I don't get to travel at that time. Once again these timelapse vids are great. Thanks for sharing them.


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