May 31, 2013


Here's a couple more favorites from my recent outing with my son.  

Most of the time, in images with a strong reflection, I like to place the horizon near the center of the frame, making things more symmetrical, and giving an abstract feel to the images.  In this first image, there are enough elements that work against that, so the horizon just didn't feel right in the middle.

This is a good example of the horizon working well in the middle.  This area is up around the 9000' elevation, so even though it was shot in late may, it is still early spring.  In fact, there was still a fair amount of snow in places.  I'll be back up there in another week, it will be interesting to see how much green there will be on the aspens.


  1. I love the reflection and that makes it stand out from being just a 'Simple Photograph'

  2. Good shots, you certainly have captured the essence of the scenes


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