June 20, 2013

The Barn

This is Southern Alberta.  Hillspring to be more exact.  The Great Canadian Barn Dance to be even more exact.  This is the view from my uncle Ralph's back porch, looking south.  This is a composite of several images shot vertically and combined into a panorama.  If you zoom in on the image, you'll see the barn right in the center.  That barn turns 102 this year.  It's pretty remarkable that it has stood up to the prairie winds for that long.  Beyond the barn, in the far distance, you can see Chief Mountain.  Chief is one of the most recognizable mountains in this stretch of the Rockies.  And, although it's best viewed from Canada, it actually sits in Montana.  This amazing little corner of the world is owned and operated by my Uncle Lloyd and his family.  Last week, we said goodbye to one member of that family, Auntie Jo.  She was an amazing woman that left this world a much better place.  She will be missed.

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